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Hoshizora Kiseki 123Movies | Fmovies | watch movies online

  • Summary:

    Watch Hoshizora Kiseki full episodes free online. Kozue, a member of an astronomical club, is a girl who dreams of the starry sky and of a summer romance. During one summer break, she sets out on a journey with a shining fragment of a fallen meteor hanging from her wrist and with a distant feeling that someone calling her. On her trip, she catches a glance of a boy with sad eyes. Later that evening she meets him in an isolated astronomical observatory,and feels an attraction to him, as they spend time talking about the stars. Ginga is a boy who has lived his life in a bubble as part of a governmental program to contact an orbital satellite and feels very alone in his structured and isolated life. Under the innumerable stars in the sky, a night of friendship and miracles begin…

  • Type: Movie
  • Released: 2006
  • Genres: Romance, Sci-fi

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